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Chairman’s Message


One of our ancient Subhasitas goes like this: “अन्नदानं महादानं विद्यादानमतः परम् । अन्नेन क्षणिका तृप्तिः यावज्जीवञ्च विद्यया ॥” which means “Giving food to a person is a great deed, but giving vidya (education) is even better. The satisfaction (obtained) from food is momentary, but that (obtained) from vidya lasts a lifetime.”. As a testimony to this wonderful Subhasita, our temple of learning has provided technical education from its inception. This technical institution was started in the year 1963 by our former Chairman Shri P.R. Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha with the objective of fulfilling the aspirations of our founder and one of the foremost industrialists of this part of the country Shri P.A.C. Ramasamy Raja. Getting quality education was very difficult in those days. In order to uplift the society of this region, our founder established a few textile mills and a cement plant which provided work to the people belonging to this region. He also established P.A.C. Ramasamy Raja Education Charity Trust in the year 1950 to provide education to the people of this region.

My late father Shri P.R. Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha shared the vision of our founder, and in memory of his father, started educational institutions with the objective of giving quality education to the people of this region. He was an embodiment of the quote "Vision looks inward and becomes duty. Vision looks outward and becomes aspiration. Vision looks upward and becomes faith." His zeal and enthusiasm knew no bounds. With sheer determination and commitment, he achieved great things in life. This polytechnic was started by him in the year 1963. Over the years, this institution has grown phenomenally and scaled many heights.

It has been recognized as a centre of excellence in imparting technical education both at state and national level. In the industry, our students have been recognized as competitive and dynamic. Our Institution, a temple of learning and a hallmark of discipline, aspires to greater heights by collaborating with leading industries. With state-of-the-art facilities in our laboratories and workshops and highly dedicated faculty, this institution is surging ahead in all spheres of activities.

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future" observed Franklin D. Roosevelt underlining the importance of developing the youth for the future. By emulating the standards set by our Founder and former Chairman, we must focus all our energies to achieve unparalleled excellence in the field of technical education and look for all round growth of youth who are going to change the destiny of our motherland. To conclude, I wish to quote the concluding line from Alfred Tennyson’s poem “Ulysses” which urges every one of us “To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”.