About Chemistry

Chemistry is a branch of science by which we learn about natural universe. Knowledge of chemistry is indispensable for the pursuit of any other sciences. In the modern industrial age, the material science and various manufacturing processes for the production of innovative products to suit the functional requirements are very. Chemistry is the heart of environmental issues. Imagine what life would be like without pollution control methods to prevent the environment.

For the engineers, the application of sciences to their discipline - the role of physics, chemistry and mathematics is important. Keeping this in mind our diploma curriculum is being designed to inculcate the interest in the study of chemistry among the students. We have incorporated topics like pollution, water technology, nanotechnology, surface chemistry and electro chemistry for better understanding and appreciation of environmental issues and developing innovative solutions for the socio-economic problems. In order to know more about industry needs, we have included applied chemistry topics like plastics, rubber, lubricant, adhesives and composites.

To have better connectivity with the theory taught in the class room, our practical curriculum has been designed to observe the chemical principles and analysis methods. Topics like effluent analysis, water analysis, estimation of hardness, crystallization technics, preparation of resins, pH calculations, purity of the samples etc. develop interest in chemistry and bring out the importance of chemistry in daily life.

During the first two semesters of course work, students are educated on environmental friendly chemical processes, eco-friendly systems, emerging technology in chemical industries, etc., Knowledge gained during this period will help our students to achieve excellence in the path of innovation.