The subjects, “Communication English – I” and “Communication English - II” are taught to all the first-year students. “Communication and Life skills Practical”, which is prescribed in the syllabus, is conducted for the II-Year and III-Year students in the Language Laboratory to enable them to develop the four language skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

The Language Laboratory has 43 computer systems. An interactive software named SNET has been installed in 40 systems. Online reading, listening exercises and activities such as Group Discussion, performing dialogue, quiz etc., are given to students by using this software. The teacher can monitor the desktops of students and take control of their desktops to guide them to enhance their performance. In addition to this, the teacher can play media files (educational movies) on his computer and broadcast the media to the entire class. The process uses streaming media by network.

Apart from the regular practical classes, Online Moodle Tests are conducted for the students during free hours in this laboratory. Moreover, the laboratory is utilized to handle sessions of training programmes organized for our students during vacation.

For I-Year students, ‘Reading classes’ are conducted after hours to enhance their reading skills by using newspapers, story books, online resources, etc., by our faculty members, in addition to regular theory classes.