We deem our Library as our Learning Resource Centre which caters to the needs of all the stakeholders by stocking the latest Books numbering more than 40000 on Technical and General Areas. The library has wide range of books  on all subjects, study materials, reference books, journals, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and education CDs.

 Latest configuration computers are provided to library to enable the students to browse educational CDs and Server repository.  The server repository has the number of learning resources such as NPTEL videos, eBooks, MIT Lecture videos, and National Geographic Channel videos like Mega structures, Extreme Machines, Modern Marvels etc.,

In order to improve the English communication, BBC Audios, ESL lab videos, Lets Talk with Niharika  videos, English Movies with subtitles, etc.,

Staff and students utilize the Leased line internet connectivity to gather relevant information relating to their subject. All library functions such as issues, return and query regarding availability of books have been computerized using Modernlib library software.

Library Resources

  • Total number of Books : 42,320
  • Total Number of Titles : 20,100
  • Total Number of Journals : 36
  • General Magazines : 12

The following facilities are available in the library:

  • Number of seats available in the reading space : 75
  • Number of users (including borrowers) per day : 150 to 200
  • Number of users (reading space) per day: 50
  • Timings : 8.45 A.M to 6.30 P.M
  • Number of Library Staff : 3
  • Library Software : Available (Modernlib)