Centre for High Skill Training and Research

P.A.C. Ramasamy Raja Polytechnic College has started a course on “Industrial Automation” in the High Skill Training Centre, in association with Bosch Rexroth, India & Germany and SIEMENS.

Part funding for initial investment for the purchase of equipment for the Centre have been provided by State Project Coordination Unit, established under Canada India Institutional Cooperation Project. Government norms have been followed for the purchase of equipment (national & international) and approval from the Commissioner of Technical Education / Chief Implementation Officer of SPCU have been sought for the purchase of equipment.

Rs. 3.00 crores has been allotted as part funding for initial investment for the purchase of equipment for the Centre, from SPCU and a part of funding have been drawn from revenue generated in CIICP cell of the Institute.

The recurring expenditure incurred towards salary to Head, Faculty, Master Trainer and Support staff, purchase of consumables and maintenance of equipment for the functioning of the Centre are have been met for an initial period of two years by SPCU and from the third year onwards, the Centre will be functioning on self-sustaining mode or on support from Polytechnic College.

The amount allotted towards recurring expenditure for the Centre is estimated to be RS. 20.00 lakhs per annum, for initial two years, which includes the training cost both national and international. From 3rd year onwards or from the period when the Centre generates surplus revenue, the financial appropriation of the net revenue generated in the Centre will be 20% for the Polytechnic College, 40% for the Centre and 40% for SPCU.

The Centre can establish link with Canadian Community Colleges, if required, to utilize their expertise to develop curriculum and to train the trainers.

As per the Proposal submitted by the Polytechnic College, the Students undertaking the course in Centre will be given specialized training in any one of the following topics –

  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics
  • Sensors and its applications
  • PLC and SCADA systems
  • Bus Technology
  • Mechatronics and
  • Simulation modules, at different levels ie. Basic Level, Advanced Level & High Level.

HSTC Lab Facilities:

S.# Name of the Laboratory Name of the Training Systems/Kit Quantity
1 Sensor Lab Proximity Sensor Training System 6 Nos
    Photo Electric Sensor Training System 1 No
    Vision Sensor Training System 1 No
    RFID Sensor Training System 1 No
    ELVIS II Trainer Kit 9 Nos
    Quanser Mechatronics Board 2 Nos
2 Pneumatic Lab Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit 6 Nos
Electro-Pneumatic Trainer Kit 6 Nos
Modular Station - Pick and Place station and Conveyor Station 1 Set
3 Hydraulics Lab Basic Hydraulics Training System 3 Nos
    Electro Hydraulics Training System 3 Nos
    Proportional Hydraulics Training System 1 No
4 PLC Lab IoT Trainer Kit 1 No
    NT 50 IoT Interface Gateway 1 No
Process Control instrumentation Trainer Kit  1 No
Motor Controller and Drives Module (Siemens) 1 No